Auto Racing

Marty Himes Racing Collection – Freeport Municipal Stadium      

stadium aerial

In 1930, construction on a two thousand seat stadium began on Mill road in Freeport, New York.  The stadium was the first of its kind on Long Island and at the time it cost $68,000 in bonds to build. The stadium was the center of sporting events and recreation for the residents of Freeport and the surrounding area.  The thirteen acre property included a baseball field, a boxing ring, a rifle range, a football field and a fifth-mile cinder short-track.

The municipal stadium was most notably known for its racing.  Short-track racing was a big pastime in the region and it drew people from all over to Freeport.  This large collection of photographs and programs showcase the various drivers, racing divisions and automobiles. Since there is only one functioning track left on Long Island, this collection will be of notable interest to the individuals in the region who are racing enthusiasts and the residents of Freeport who grew up hearing the rev of the engines on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Photographs – Short-track racing

Programs – Freeport Stadium and Speedway