Prohibition in Freeport

SpeakeasyOn January 2016, the Freeport Historical Society and the Freeport Memorial Library presented a program on Prohibition at Jeremy’s Ale House on Woodcleft Canal.  Jeremy blacked out the windows, served prohibition era hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.  Many of the standing room only audience dressed in 20s style costumes.  Marty Himes came as a policeman in a 20s uniform and parked the police car outside Jeremy’s.


Roadside Markers

Trubia croppedThe Freeport Historical Society in collaboration with the Freeport Landmarks Preservation Commission were able to apply for a grant from the Pomeroy Foundation to secure roadside markers.  The Pomeroy Foundation “strongly believes that historic markers play an important role in local historic preservation by serving a dual purpose.  They educate the public and foster historic tourism, which in turn can provide much needed economic benefits to the towns and villages where the markers are placed.”

The following seven markers reflect the wonderful history of Freeport: Woodcleft Canal, the Freeport Bank, the Trubia Rifle, Kelby House, Seaman Avenue school, Archer Street school, and Columbus Avenue school.